Wilcannia, a little deeper into the outback, and getting to areas that, while scenic, are sparsely populated. According to Wikipedia,
this was the third largest inland port in the country during the great river boat era of the mid-19th century. Times must certainly
have been different then because the buildings, both restored and abandoned, speak of a time when money flowed through the
town. The Post Office pictured here is a magnificent structure, and is currently being restored. And if you are passing through
town, be sure to stop off at the "Miss Barretts" coffee and bits & bobs shop.

And then on to Broken Hill. It was too late in the evening by the time I arrived in town, but I was directed by the information
centre staff to a fantastic motel at the Lodge Outback Motel. Come morning, I was in a hurry to leave this town behind in an
effort to get away from some of the worst, roughest roads I had been on thus far in NSW. So while I am sure there is much of
value to see in the town, I implore the Broken Hill council to pay some attention to their roads. In fact, the same plea goes out
to most of the NSW towns through which I road. FIX YOUR ROADS, PLEASE!